It's new upcoming story . Story about Lost.

Main Characters

Middle section

Scott Jackson(Main Season 1)

Leslie Arzt

Nikki Fernandez(Main Season 1)

Paulo(Main Season 1)

Doug(Main Season 1)

Jerome(Main Season 2)

Frogurt(Main Season 1)

Craig (Main Season 1)

Steve Jenkins(Main Season 1)

Richard(Main Season 3)

Sullivan(Main Season 3)

Tracy(Main Season 2)

Jeff Hadley(Main Season 3)

Faith Harrington(Main Season 2)

George(Main Season 4)

Dexter Stubbs(Main Season 3)

Janelle Granger(Main Season 2)

Larry(Main Season 4)

Sonya(Main Season 1)

Elliot Maslow(Main Season 1)

Lisa Gellhorn(Main Season 1)

Sally Rafflethorp(Main Season 1)

Jake Smith (Main Season 1)

Robert Daniel West (Main Season 1)

Bob Jones (Main Season 1)

Chris Dobson(Main Season 2)



Ajira Survivors

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